Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017

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Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017

Postby ImkerHoogenhout » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:25 pm

I am the very satisfied owner of a new Alfa Romeo Giulia Super base model with the 147 kW / 330 Nm engine.

I am from the old school, so I did some running-in of the engine (3500 rpm, 4500 rpm, 5500 rpm and then up to the 6000 rpm limit).

This is my 4th Alfa Romeo – the previous ones were a 2nd generation Giulietta 2 litre (1987 – 86000 km), 156 2,5 V6 (2000 – 328 000 km) and a 159 3,2 V6 Q4 (2008 – 276 000 km).

Comparing the last three cars:

Model Power - Kw Torque - Nm Acceleration
0-100 km/h
156 2,5 V6 140 kW @ 6300 rpm 222 Nm @ 5000 rpm 7,3
159 3,2 V6 Q4 191 kW @ 6200 rpm 320 Nm @ 3800 rpm 7,0
Giulia 2,0 4I 147 kW @ 5000 rpm 330 Nm @ 1750 rpm 6,6

We live in Vereeniging, and the so-called Vaal Dam Road is a favourite “test route” – drive out in one direction making sure everything is clear, and then do some “testing” on the way back.

The maximum speed that I attained in all 3 cars over the same stretch of road (level portion, slight turn in the road, slight incline and then slight downhill section) was 240 km/h – this is dictated also by other traffic, and a turn-off where it is only sensible to bring back your speed. But, in summary, the maximum speeds of the cars are much the same, as the claimed specifications also bear out.

But there is another test on this road that I do: there is a steepish incline with a culvert and markers at the bottom, and another culvert and markers just over the brow of the hill. I start from a standstill at the bottom markers, and accelerate flat-out up to the top markers. The results for the 3 cars:

Model Speed at the top markers
156 2,5 V6 180 km/h
159 3,2 V6 Q4 185 km/h
Giulia 2,0 4I 195 km/h

The new Giulia would, from an acceleration-point of view, seem to benefit from a good torque figure and spread, a gearbox (8 speed) with ratios nice and close to each other, and then the light-weight carbon fibre drive shaft.

Fuel consumption is, of course, much dependent on driving style (“testing” obviously has a profound negative effect on petrol usage). I kept book of all fuel purchase on the previous cars: I have the Giulia now only for a month, and the claimed figures by manufacturers for all cars are always very optimistic, but I would say average figures will be as follows:

Model Average petrol consumption
156 2,5 V6 9 ℓ/100 km
159 3,2 V6 Q4 11 ℓ/100 km
Giulia 2,0 4I 8 ℓ/100 km

This is first car that I own that has different size tyres front and back: Front wheels are 225/45R18 on 8J rims, and the rear wheels are 255/40R18 on 9J rims.
But this is also the first car that I own that uses run-flat tyres. The car does not only not have a spare wheel, it doesn’t even have a “mobility kit”. I am, as I said at the top, from the old school, so I must admit that I am apprehensive about driving down to Cape Town with the thought that I could get stranded somewhere in the middle of a nowhere with a flat tyre and nothing else………. I am toying with the idea of buying a spare wheel; it could be a space-saver, which will use less space in the boot.

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