Sport suspension for a 156

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Sport suspension for a 156

Postby HenryBraxton » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:44 am

I now own my second ever Alfa Romeo and it is a 156 sportwagon with the 1.9 16v engine. I bought it from my dad who has now bough a car in which the sitting position is a bit higher. It has had an EGR blinding plate fitted, the second cat was removed as it was quite clogged up and it had a remap.

Anyways, as I am constantly looking for something to do on my car, and as I personally think the factory suspension is a bit too high and "wobbly" if you'd like, I want to upgrade it by changing the springs and dampers. So now I am looking for any suggestions or experience. I know my best bet would be the Koni FSD, but are quite expensive.

I have been looking at the Bilstein B6 and eibach pro kit, which lowers the car by about 30mm and is not much more harsh than the standard suspension (taking into account that my current one is 15 years old it is probably the same in comfort). Also, if anyone has tried, the novitec-eibach combination. I am particularly interested in any experience with the novitec dampers.

The cost for novitec-eibach is about 550€ and 640€ for bilstein-eibach.

Thank you for your help!
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