Just Alfa, or do most car companies follow up A LOT on servi

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Just Alfa, or do most car companies follow up A LOT on servi

Postby hardus77 » Thu May 16, 2019 10:16 am

Hello everyone,

I'm in the US, and I replaced my Audi after 16 years of faithful service with a new 2018 Giulia last year. First new car purchase. I've had to take the car in for its first service (tightening, some rattles) and then a separate low battery issue that was really just fixed with a charge. I've also filled out a few surveys that seem geared toward likes/dislikes and whether I'd recommend the car. I get more than one follow up call about the service and about my survey responses, and I'm just wondering if that is normal nowadays or if it's part of an Alfa campaign and brand re-emergence in the US? It's not at all a bad thing, and I'm sure it's mostly for marketing.

The latest call I just received was about my survey responses for 1) a way to turn off auto-start/stop as a default setting, 2) a way to turn off traction control, and 3) some sort of manual release for the trunk in the event something is up with the power (I'm aware there are leads at the front that you can use to jump the car after you access the driver's door with the key stem in the fob and open the hood). I'm really hoping that 1) and 2) could be done with a software update and some interface in the infotainment.

Thank you!
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