Lighter Socket (12v) doesn't hold charger in place

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Lighter Socket (12v) doesn't hold charger in place

Postby tony77 » Tue May 14, 2019 8:56 am

Hello everyone!

I'm now driving a green clover 1.6L 2016 Giulietta, but this issue existed also on my 2012 MiTo.

The lighter socket, aka the 12v port used for a lighting a cigarette or attaching a charger these days, simply can't hold any phone charger in place. The charger wiggles and often loses grip, causing charger to stop working and stops my phone from charging.

This issue existed with 5 different 12v USB chargers.

The only solution I found online was cutting an aluminum can (let's say a coke can) and wrapping it around the charger. This will work, but I find it very risky since it can catch fire or just overheat.

Does anyone have a descent solution to this problem?

I'm thinking about extracting another 12v socket from the fusebox just to install a proper lighter socket.
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