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Aldehydes Medicine Intermediate

Postby pangdun » Tue May 14, 2019 6:19 am

Product name:Chloroacetaldehyde diethyl acetal
CAS 621-62-5
Molecular formula: C6H13ClO2
Purity:98.5% min
Appearance: colorless to light yellow liquid
Packaging: 20 kg/ drum, 25kg/drum, 200kg/drum
Lead time: 25-30 days
1,as the intermediate of organic aynthesis
Our advantages:
1, top 3 suppliers in china’s market
2, 20 years experience for the production and rich operation experience to avoid many troubles
3, Quick response on the customer request, and professional R&D department, and provide customer technical support and new product development.
1, what’s your product shelf life?
We generally promise the customer 1 year shelf life, but for some special product, half year shelf life, some stable products have 2-3 shelf life or more
2, which sea port you are close?
We are near the shanghai sea port, so most of goods ship from shanghai.
3, How to get a sample?
Firstly let sales know how much quantity you need for testing, then sales will let you know how long you will get it , and how much need to pay or for free.
4, Do you have environment pressure this year?
Yes, the environment issue was cared for the government, who pay more attention on it. So all the factories have the environment pressure, but our factory has full documents and regulate very well. The effect little bit lower.Aldehydes Medicine Intermediate
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