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Alfa Radio code

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Written by: AlfistiGT
Written on: Sun Oct 23, 2016 3:10 pm
Article Description: How to get radio code for your Blaupunkt Radio of Alfa 147/GT/156
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Hi Gents,

after the battery of my key went flat and my Alarm went off, my Blaupunkt radio had decided it wants a code to work again. Unfortunately the code was nowhere to be found.

The following instruction applies to the following radio models:

  • Alfa Romeo 156 CD
  • Alfa Romeo 156 CD GTA NS
  • Alfa Romeo 156 CD NS
  • Alfa Romeo 156 HIGH CD
  • Alfa Romeo 156 HIGH CD GTA
  • Alfa Romeo 156 MID CC
  • Alfa Romeo 932 Connect
  • Alfa Romeo 937 / 947 CD SB05
  • Alfa Romeo 937 Alfa 947 C1V2 CD
  • Alfa Romeo 947 C1V2 CD Puma
  • Alfa Romeo 937 CD
  • Alfa Romeo 937 CD MP3 HIGH
  • Alfa Romeo 937 CD MP3 Japan
  • Alfa Romeo 937 CD NS
  • Alfa Romeo 937 GTA
  • Alfa Romeo 937 HIGH
  • Alfa Romeo 937 Japan CD
  • Alfa Romeo 937 MID
  • Alfa Romeo 939 CD
  • Alfa Romeo 939 CD MP3
  • Alfa Romeo 939 CD SB05
  • Alfa Romeo 955
  • Alfa Romeo 955 SB08
  • Alfa Romeo Travelpilot Alfa 156 RNS4
  • Plus you will also be able to generate and calculate code's for all Citroen, Fiat, Nissan, Peugeot, Rover, Vauxhall radio's or Cd Player's that have been manufactured by the company Blaupunkt.
  • Also you will be able to calculate codes for all Renault model's, all Ford Visteon radio's that have a serial number starting with M and provide code's for Becker and Mercedes.

Step by step on how to get the code:

  1. First step will be to get the relevant data from your radio, serial number, fiat product number etc. The Information is on stickers on you radio, so you will need to remove the radio.

    To remove your radio, you will either need a special tool, or some strong wire (eg. from coat hangers) which fits into the 4 holes in the radio cover. I used 4 drills (toothpicks will break). Slide the tool/wire/drills +- 3 cm into the holes and press them outwards (towards your left/right doors). You will feel some springs move and then your radio will loosen and slide out.
  2. Now that your radio is out, write down all the numbers or take pictures.
  3. Download the attached zip file and unzip the folder to your computer
  4. Read the instructions that were in the zip file. The instructions will tell you which number combination will be entered into the software. The software will then calculate the radio code. Carefull, there are 2 codes shown by the software, so make sure you have read the instructions!
  5. Enter the code given by the software into your radio

As a warning, when you enter a wrong code, your radio will have and show "wait" before the next code can be entered. The wait time increases with every wrong code entered and can end up with a wait time of some hours. You will have to leave your ignition ON untill the wait time has passed. Disconnecting the radio will not help.

Enjoy your working radio ;)
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